Willow Pattern in Silver!

Beautiful Willow Pattern Silver Coffee Pot, Tea Pot, Creamer & Sugar

I have to say, I love the willow pattern in about any color, but this is about one of my favorite sets. I look at the silver engraving work and the little Asian man adorning the lids on these pieces. This is one of the easiest sets to add to absolutely any color place setting. These do not have a hallmark I can read, so I cannot tell you much about them, other than I purchased them and had them shipped from Italy!

The set pictured above is in the gallery below. I have shown you some more detailed pictures of this set. The detail is simply amazing. Do you think this is the angry father from the willow pattern story perched on the lid?

I have a couple of different styles with the willow pattern. Some are more ornate than others. One teapot has a bone lid finial on the top while another has a black handle.

The tray I have is adorned with such detailed small feet and the willow pattern is repeated over and over on the top.

The last piece is a favorite piece because it shows wear and I know someone truly loved and used this teapot. The silver plating has worn off in many areas and it has dings and scars. It also served it’s purpose!

Obviously these are all from different manufactures, patterns are all different as well. The teapot pictured directly above has a beautiful willow pattern, but it has shows much wear and tear.

I guess there is a part of me that truly loves this because it reminds me of myself. I have went through life and from time to time, the result is scars, dings, maybe even some tarnish. For some crazy reason, with each vintage piece I purchase, I see a treasure that someone else has passed by or disgarded.

I suppose this is why I work in recovery and why I collect so many willow items. I feel the need to rescue those items others may not see value in. I know some of you willow collectors might see value in these items, while others would pass them by.

My life is no different. I often feel passed by, like I am damaged goods because life has thrown me some curves (some I brought on by my own poor decisions). Regardless, I still have value and in the right eyes (God’s eyes) I am priceless…

Enough of that for today! I love my silver willow, with or without tarnish and dings!!!


Published by csturtevant1975

I have been collecting Blue Willow since 1996. I am an avid collector who loves to decorate with blue willow. My favorite part is to set my tables with blue willow place settings.

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