Delicate Willow

Willow pattern jewelry

As I rise this morning, there is a coolness in the air! It is rather refreshing as I sit on my porch and begin to type. Today is a big day for our family. My daughter Alexis and her husband Brandon are moving to Florida. We are so very sad to see them go, but wish them the very best. Besides, I love Florida! I think I will be dipping my toes in the sand very soon.

As I sat and drank my coffee, I began to think about how delicate Lex was when she was little and how much I cherished her every smile. She was such a wonderful little baby! She is now a delicate beautiful young woman and I am so very proud of her. I think you can see where I am going with this. As I sit and process my day ahead, I began to think of the willow that relates to being beautifully crafted and yet so delicate.

Well, here are a few of my favorites! I simply love willow pattern jewelry. I don’t typically purchase the more modern pieces, but have an eye always drawn to those very old delicate pieces like the ones pictured above. My first every delicate willow jewelry I purchased is pictured below:

I simply love this piece. I recall when I first got this piece, I sat down with every Willow Newsletter I had and began to look for anything like it. I had not clue how to look up hallmarks, or even where to start. I met a wonderful lady after seeing a brooch in a newsletter. Her name was Colleen and at the time lived in Maryland. I wrote her in 2013 and she provided me lots of info about my little brooch.

Not only had she had a formal appraisal performed, but I had taken it to Antiques Roadshow. and I did took mine several years later. The formal appraisal was based on the 6.86 grams of 14k yellow gold the platter is encased in came in at $1,450. The appraisal from Antiques Roadshow came in around $2,500, but I have to tell you, those people at the Roadshow are crazy.

My mom and I packed up and headed to Richmond Virginia for our first Roadshow. We had a blast. Lines were huge, so I hopped in the jewelry line. We stood for hours, then after getting to the lovely draped Jewelry table the appraiser looked at me and said, you may be better suited at the china and porcelain table??? Like say what? I went and stood in that line for another two hours only to hear, maybe you should go to the jewelry counter!

I finally said, the two of you need to talk! Eventually I had a number for an appraisal, but holy cow!! My friend Colleen had sent me her evaluation and I was so thankful to have had it with me. The brooch is 1 3/8 inches by 1 inch, so it is small! The front of the piece is enameled with the blue willow pattern. The back of the plate is yellow gold. It has a straight pin on the back with a c clasp and O ring for a pendant. Mine has a chain and additional safety pin to keep you from losing it! (I am not brave enough to wear this piece)

The back of the piece is engraved with a diamond pattern with a 1 and 4 at the top, V at the right and K at the bottom and a 5 on the left. Documents from the Public Record Office in England reference BT 43/41/Rp0062 indicate the piece was manufactured November 4, 1876 by William Hair Haseler of 1 Gladstone Building, Richard Street, Birmingham England.

Now, having said all of that, I know almost nothing about the additional items I am about to post!

Beautiful willow plate pendant with gold fish and ruby eyes

Well, I hear everyone starting to move upstairs, so I should probably get myself together for this goodbye thing today. I will however have to pick this back up to sooth my soul again soon! If you have beautiful willow pattern jewelry, please send me an email, I would truly love to see what all is out there!

And I do intent to track miss Colleen down to see how she is and how much willow she has purchased since we last spoke in 2013. I will let you know if I find her! I believe she would be 96!


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I have been collecting Blue Willow since 1996. I am an avid collector who loves to decorate with blue willow. My favorite part is to set my tables with blue willow place settings.

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