Willow Toby Post #2

The Ordinary Toby Jug adorned with Willow Pattern

The “Ordinary” Willow Toby

This is probably the rarest of all of my toby jugs. I have only ever seen this one, but I am sure there are more out there somewhere! I must keep looking!!!!! This toby is unmarked but has the butterfly border around the top and the traditional willow border around the bottom.

I think it is most likely made by the same manufacturer as my previous Hearty Good Fellow post, but I just cannot be certain with no marks…and of course, there are no marks. This collecting stuff isn’t easy!

Now, one of the most unusual things is that the piece has no pattern on the back. And, if you pay really close attention to each side, it sure looks like whomever placed the pattern on the toby used a willow printing plate for a plate as the pattern.

It sure looks like they cut the sheet for the printing plate in half and applied the pattern to each side of the toby jug. They they took the inside border of the plate and applied it to the base of the toby jug. Well, at least that is my theory anyhow. Again, I have no idea of worth and it is not pictured in my willow toby bible by Loren Zeller either! To me, it is priceless!!

Below are examples of other “ordinary” toby jugs (yes that is the name of the shape of the toby).

I must say, I think my toby jug is a little less scary! These guys look a little rough! I get the red face painted on these, as often those that drink a little too much get flushed, but why all the dots on the face? Bar fights? Acne? I have no idea, I just know they are a little uglier than mine!!!! Or at least I think they are. To each his own.

Again a reference to the pattern type in the Staffordshire Ware by Kent Book pattern 387:

I don’t know about you, but my first toby I opened was one of the biggest highlights of my willow collecting career. I was instantly in love and also instantly addicted! I do however have a friend who has way more than I do. I will see if I can get pics from him for a later post to make your mouth water!

For now, good bye and more toby jugs to come. Christine


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