Willow Toby Post #7

A Newer Willow Toby Jug & Advertising

Newer Willow Pattern Toby Jug

I recall back in the late 1990’s getting a newsletter from the IWC speaking of a toby jug being produced out of Pennsylvania. It was specially designed and produced for Louise’s Old Things in Kutztown, PA. I so badly wanted one of them, but the timing just wasn’t right.

In the early 1996, Ben and I were married in March. We were both college students and I was expecting my first child. Both of our parents wanted us to do the right thing by getting married. We struggled and I mean we struggled hard. We both had jobs, my mom and stepfather took care of our little girl, Alexis while we worked and stayed in school full time. By the Grace of God in 1998 we graduated, myself with a degree in accounting and management and my husband with a degree in Aviation (complete with a commercial pilot’s license) and a management degree.

Times were tough. We didn’t have two cents to rub together. Our parents helped us until we could get on our feet. We moved into my childhood home where the kitchen cabinets had been salvaged by my father from another home he renovated. They were white, with yellow counter tops. My mom helped me by willingly giving me my first box of blue and white dishes….willow to be exact.

It wasn’t long before I was in love with those dishes. My mom being an antique dealer, it was in my blood anyhow! Let’s be real here, it never leaves. That rush of the hunt…it never goes away. I guess, there may be some tie to the fact that I had some brokenness in my life. My father struggled with alcohol growing up.

The feelings of being in the way, or not being enough, I carried from a very young age. He passed away when I was in middle school. I truly believe this was the root of my “rescue” behavior. I felt the need to help those who didn’t feel loved, felt like they weren’t enough. These feelings have not helped my want for that next willow piece to put on display and cherish.

Anyhow, getting those IWC newsletters where the highlight of my world each quarter. They took me to a place of dreaming when everything else around me felt like struggle and chaos. I guess you could say, I found my happiness in reading them over and over again. I have stacks of them still to this day! I desperately wanted one of those toby jugs and knew eventually they would hold value….but I just didn’t have the money to make a purchase….maybe some day.

Well some day came two years ago…almost 20 years later when I presented at an IWC convention on toby jugs. I was so darn nervous. Standing in front of 50-60 people who know way more than I do about collecting and sharing my collection and finds was hard. You know how it goes, you don’t fear the speaking, you fear the questions!

After my teaching, Jeff Siptak asked about a copper printing plate I had brought for his presentation. I had some him a few over the years (ok many) and so he had one of these little toby jugs…so after the convention, we chatted and made a deal, so I was finally able to get my hands on one of these little gems.

He is numbered 24. I have no idea how many were made. If any collectors read this and you have info, please share.

This little guy finally made it home after a tough negotiation with Jeff! I was happy to add him to my collection as he was different than all the others and it also made me realize, if you just keep dreaming….some day it will happen!

Now for my last toby and willow item, an advertising card! The toby jug doesn’t have willow on it, but I display it with my toby jugs anyhow!!!!

What a way to market your business! This to me is simply lovely. Anything with willow and toby jugs would be a fine hit in my opinion.

This is the last in my willow toby jug series, as I simply have no more toby jugs to share, you have seen them all!!!! If by chance, I come across others, I will for sure let you know.

Now, I had a friend (Evgeniy) send me a link to this post:

Fort Worth, Texas, 1940-04-10.”Mrs. Dan T. Leary, of the Worth Hotel, looking at a Toby jug. Mrs. Leary is a collector of Toby jugs and is shown holding up a copy of the original Toby jug. She is standing beside a table on which there are several different Toby jugs on display.” I have to admit most of the jugs there, including the big Toby she’s holding, are not original English and not that old as Mrs. Leary probably thought. But that’s not a crime!

Do you see what I see? Seriously this lady had great taste! It is kind of like “Where is Waldo” with a willow toby jug!!!!

If you don’t have a willow toby jug, feel free to comment, if I get a duplicate, I often pass them on to other collectors. As you can see Mason has purchased many off of me when tuition comes due!!!

Have a great week. I hope you enjoyed learning about toby jugs……here’s to finding the next unusual willow toby jug. Christine


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