Liquor in the Willow Pattern anyone?

Blue Willow Decanters

If you have read much about how I began to collect blue willow, and how I have hung onto every special piece because of brokenness in my life, you know I don’t have alcohol in my household! But it doesn’t mean I can’t collect amazing pieces of willow pattern! I would never do that when I have a loved one that struggles.

These are the only two I have but I believe there are 6 different ones. I have seen SW, IW, C, R, W and B. My thought was Scotch Whiskey, Irish Whiskey, Cognac, Rum Whiskey and Bourbon…but many of the decanters found with a C kind of look like a G….so maybe Gin? I honestly don’t know but I would love to have one of each…so be on the look out for me! I have seen these sets nestled in a 4 section wicker basket for easy transport to the table as well. I will share pics in a bit.

These were thought to be made by George Jones and Sons, Stroke on Trent in approximately 1877. My research says George began an apprentice ship at the age of 14 with Minton and after the apprenticeship completed 7 years later he became a salesman for Wedgwood. (The By 1856 he had opened his own pottery show room. I can’t imagine what amazing finds those items displayed would be for us today!!!

He began manufacturing his own pottery around 1864 on land he purchased from Minton then the following year moved into a newly built factory – The Trent Potteries. How amazing would that have been at such a young age. I am amazed. The last factory stopped producing in 1956.

Below you will find pics of other finds from my willow friends in the IWC! I believe most of these are from Paul Kirves on his prized purchase.

The transferware collectors club also had this picture posted on their face book page and also notes George Jones as being the manufacturer.

I love the placement of the birds on these decanters. I also love the stoppers/corks on Paul’s set. Rarely do you see these with the corks or the stopper.

I have many other alcohol related willow items I will be sharing over the next several posts. If any of you have others in this set, please let me know!


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