What better way to drink than with a Willow Pattern Flask?!

Doulton’s Willow Flask

As all of you know, I am not really a drinker, but if I were, this would be drinking in style! When I came across this piece, I immediately fell in love. The pattern was such a deep vibrant blue and the top of the flask was something I had never seen.

The top of the flask had a fish made for the handle and the top where the cork would have been has a beautiful anchor which made me think this piece was most likely made for a ship or sailor of sorts.

I have done some research on the date of this piece and it appears to be by Doulton & Co. Ltd and dates to 1881-1890 which means this piece is over 130 years old. What an amazing detailed piece.

I have never seen another piece like this one, but I would venture to say there is something else out there! I recall looking at the item, messaging the seller and making some arrangements to purchase it. I immediately took a look at my collection to try and determine what I could let go of to purchase this piece. I am sure I sold more than one willow prized possession but I don’t regret doing so. Usually if I can sell to buy, I feel ok about the purchase!

Anyhow, do you have any willow flasks in your collection? If so please comment and let me know!


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