Tiffany & Co. AND Blue Willow – A Match Made in Heaven!

Who doesn’t truly love the class and style of Tiffany & Co? Beginning several years ago when my husband and I were trying to determine if we continue to fight for our marriage or if we simply walk away, he decided for my birthday to take me to New York City. I had really never been to a big city like the Big Apple. I am just a little hometown girl from a very small town in rural West Virginia.

We were kind of at our breaking point. We didn’t know what else to do besides try and reconnect with one another. I remember that trip like it was yesterday. I also recall being in awe of the huge buildings, the crowds of people and how cold it was. We went in December! But I totally fell in love when he took me to Tiffany & Co. on 5th Avenue. I never dreamed I would be walking into this store, much less leave with a small Tiffany blue box wrapped with a red bow for Christmas.

The feeling you get when you walk into a Tiffany store is that of sheer elegance, class, sophistication. You feel “special” “princess like”. It is the one time, you can shop with the rich and you walk out with the same box they have and the people working there treat you with the same respect. This specific store has been open since 1837! Rarely do businesses keep their door open that long!

I believe my first piece of Blue Willow was a creamer I purchased from Copeland with the Tiffany mark on the bottom. It was so special to me. I do still have it by the way! To see the Willow Pattern with the Tiffany New York mark on the bottom made me realize how valued the Willow Pattern was and how it was probably a fairly prominent family who had purchased a tea set like the one pictured above.

The Tea set above has the Copeland and Tiffany New York mark impressed on the bottom of each piece. It includes a tray measuring just under 4 feet long (you can tell by my picture, it is almost as long as my 6 ft. round table). It has a beautiful teapot, creamer, sugar and 4 demitasse cups and saucers.

I often wonder, which floor of Tiffany’s this would have been found on and who was the wonderful family lucky enough to take it home?! I suspect from looking at these pieces, there is almost no damage, so they were prized possessions. The detailed gold gilding is amazing.

The tray has to be my most favorite piece. It is in mint condition. It is gorgeous! Seeing how they used the pattern over and over is very interesting to me!

I am curious why types of Tiffany Willow Pattern each of you may have.

In 1837 when Tiffany opened up in New York City, the first day of sales is $4.98! Man, I think it would have been nice to buy the tea set above for $4.98!!! That is definitely not what I paid for it!!!!! Oh and last not least is that Tiffany Blue colored table cloth made in Irish Linen…it makes my heart smile.

I can only pray at this stage, that this iconic building remains to be Tiffany & Co through this COVID mess. So many of NYC businesses are closing up shop and moving to other areas like Florida. It would break my heart to see these amazing buildings sit empty after hundreds of years of prominent business.


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