A Beautiful Tams Ware Willow Pattern Dish

I have to be honest and those of you who read my blog know one of my most favorite things is Tiffany and along with that comes a love of the Tiffany blue color! This gorgeous bowl is just that…..Tiffany blue in shade. I love the pattern as well.

As you can see from the pictures below, the pattern itself is raised. I am suspecting it was a transfer pattern initially placed and then hand painted for the raised details.

This piece is one similar to the blue wash set I posted last week. I am simply in love with this item and have dreamed of having the pitcher and bowl set! Yes they made one…I see it in one of the willow identification books I have quite frequently as I flip through the pages:

On page 178 in Gaston’s Blue Willow 3rd Edition Identification & Value Guide, there is a gorgeous pitcher and bowl set noted. Oh my how I would love to have this set! And to be fair, I have no room for it… so something would have to go. Insert frowny face here.

Below is the mark on my bowl:

John Tams & Sons had a long history of making pottery. Pottery was made clear up until 1988 by his grandsons! Now for a little bit of a laugh. I found this advertisement online from their pottery company and it made me laugh.

Does it strike anyone else as odd that they advertise the Toilet (left side of advertisement) more than Dinner? I mean, which one comes first anyway? Ugh, that is probably a chicken and egg analogy, but it still made me chuckle. Maybe they actually made Toilets? It is probably possible. I have seen items like the toilet and bidet below in Willow pattern.

I will say, I am mortified by the eye in the bidet, as if emptying the thing doesn’t make you cringe, the eye sure would! I dunno, maybe Tams Ware just opened up their bathroom to the public. Who knows, but it took me down a weird path with this post! Kinda down the s&*(er! insert bad word there…..

Do you have any unusual Tams Ware in your willow collection?

If so, please tell me about them in the comments! Until next time, enjoy fall!



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