Fall Willow Pattern Place Setting

I love fall, the shades of green mixed in with the yellows, oranges, reds and finally browns. The colors just make me feel at peace. I decided this morning to show you how to use and integrate other colors into your fall place setting, you don’t have to only use fall colors.

I have 2 tables in my house, our main table which seats 8 and stretches near the length of my dining room and a small antique round claw foot round table. With every season, I feel the need to decorate both, but I don’t always go with the same color scheme.

As you can see below, the table setting below has pops of blue and white as I have pieces too large to display anywhere else.

My small round table has a gorgeous Tiffany blue willow pattern table cloth that is reversible. I flipped it over and just knew I needed a new center piece and some fall colored willow. I went with my mustard color Royal Doulton pieces. I simply love them and they always make me smile. It took me years of searching to complete 4 place settings with a plate, salad plate, cup and saucer!

I decided to throw in various shade of color in my center piece including some white, so it wasn’t so dark. It is so funny last weekend I walked into a dollar store and found those branches with orange and Tiffany blue pumpkins on them. I was like…oh man, I need those! Sure enough, they served their purpose this morning.

I wouldn’t have normally put these colors together, but if you play long enough and include shades in your center piece, It can truly come out stunning. I think I am in love!

What does your fall willow pattern table look like? I would love to hear about it, or you can go to Facebook, and look up Blue Willow Treasures and post a picture!

Enjoy your fall weather and the fire in your fire place on cool mornings!

Ok, I feel remiss if I just stop here….

Last night on my drive home from work I was talking to one of my favorite co workers. Have you ever met people you just click with? As I got up this morning, I was still thinking about our conversation. I selected a place setting that I knew would sooth my soul first thing in the morning.

In regards to the place setting above: The flowers came from the dollar store and it took me years to get 4 place setting because I searched for those plates at a cheap price until I had 4. Are you one of those people that always searched for a good deal?

Have you ever found your self purchasing something at your Goodwill or Salvation Army and as you picked up your treasure, you immediately thought about the value. You thought to yourself man, these people don’t know how valuable this is, you tucked it in your cart near your purse because it was valuable.

Do you search yard sales for those treasures? Antiques that someone doesn’t know the value of, or that designer handbag you could never purchase new but you hold tight to it because it has a $2 price tag. I think this is why I struggle with overspending.

I think very special women think these things, but I think it comes from a place of brokenness. I think it comes for always equating things, like my china to VALUE. Why does VALUE mean so much? It means a great deal to us because at some point in our life we didn’t feel valued. We were cheated on, told we weren’t enough, or were ignored, as if we didn’t matter…..VALUE.

I am here to tell you, YOU ARE ENOUGH. God sees your VALUE and only he can provide your VALUE. As he says in 2 Corinthians 12:9 My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness. If you feel weak because you don’t feel valued, look to him and him alone. He has you!

Have a great Weekend!!!! Much love



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