Willow Pattern & Sewing

Before I get into the “meat” of my post, can I tell you I cannot do anything without this cat in my way. His butt on my zoom calls, laying on the table as I am snapping pictures for my blog…and all he can do is give me a look like, “knock it off Mom”. No Tigger, you knock it off!

Do you love willow ware and sewing? This post is totally for you! Pictured above is a gorgeous chatelaine which would have been placed on a lady’s belt to provide everything she needed throughout the day.

The definition of Chatelaine is woman in charge of a large house! I love it. It also means a set of short chains to hold women’s items. The one pictured above is completely silver. A summary of this chatelaine is:

The clip and chains are hallmarked London 1900

Th embossed scent bottle is Continental .800 grade silver with a screw off cap.

The thimble holder is unmarked, but tests as silver and contains a silver thimble by Charles Horner an dis hallmarked 1924

The slide action mirror compact is decorated with Reynolds cherubs, by Henry Matthews, fully hallmarked for Birmingham 1901. The heart shaped vesta case/match safe fully hallmarked for Birmingham 1886.

The pincushion formed as tow willow pattern dishes by Cornelius Saunders & Francis Shepherd fully hallmarked for Chester 1896.

I don’t know about you, but I simply love the details of this item. I have to wonder what the lady was like who used to wear this piece. She obviously wanted to look nice, and also loved to sew. Much like the lady below who has a chatelaine, she stands with confidence, and sophistication about her. Wonder if my great grandmother every had anything like this. I never got to meet my grandparents on my dad’s side of the family. They had passed before I was born, but I know that side of the family loved to sew.

What other items are sewing related in the willow pattern? I have seen thimbles, thread containers, needle holders, pin holders, the list goes on. I am going to share some of my sewing items with you.

There are a couple of thread holders pictured, a few holders for needles, and pins, some thread on old wooden spools. I love them. Now, I had to keep the needle holder that said Corona, but probably need to burn it after I survive 2020!

This is made by Clark and holds 3 wooden spools of thread. It is one of my favorite pieces. I wonder if they ever made these in red. I have seen both blue and brown.

A gorgeous needle holder and a small pin container, both still have vintage needles and pins in them.

A thread box, used to wind up thread and has a whole to put the thread through to the outside of the container and a beautiful blue willow box for what ever sewing supplies you needed to tuck away.

Two advertising pieces one with a willow plate, making it very collectable and the other with Corona, after the orange drink! Both still have needles in them and have managed to survive since they are cardboard and are several years old.

I am not someone who often sews, but collecting these pieces have given me an appreciation for sewing. My mom can take any piece of fabric and make it into clothing, or crochet you anything you would want. I simply don’t have that knack. Guess I can’t sit still long enough!!!!

Until next time, watch out at antique malls and flea markets for little silver pieces adorned with willow, they are out there!



2 thoughts on “Willow Pattern & Sewing

  1. This is so fascinating, and I very much appreciate the research you’ve obviously done, with hallmarks telling us exactly when these items were made. Thanks again to you, Christine Sturtevant for your lovely articles.


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