What time is it? – Willow Time!

Who doesn’t love a willow pattern clock? I have a few others, aside form the ones in this blog, but the ones you will see today are my favorites. It is definitely Willow time!!!!! I am exciting to share these with you in detail….a much detail and I have any how.

Up first, the advertising clock – SmallHolder – Every Thursday 1D. This cute little tin clock is durable ad I am simply in love with the face of the clock. The Smallholder is a magazine focused at the time on things related to farming, an almanac of sorts. The magazine is still being printed today and has morphed into a magazine for just about everyone! I bet their advertising needs some more willow in it!

Up next is a gorgeous tin clock by Smiths. I love the vibrant colors of this clock.

One of the current retailers in London provides the following information on Smiths. Founded in 1851, Smiths were once the largest clock manufacturer in Europe.  From their head office in Cricklewood, North London, they produced clocks for the home, workplace, aircraft and the motor industry. Smiths clocks could be found everywhere from railway stations to schools, from Bentley’s to Mini’s and even Spitfire aircraft.

Next up is a gorgeous Seth Thomas wall Clock. I totally love this piece. Believe it or not it still works!!!

According to Collectors Weekly, Seth Thomas, born 1785, was an amateur clockmaker who began his career in earnest when he moved to Plymouth, Connecticut, in 1807 and became an apprentice to renowned clockmaker Eli Terry.

Thomas added wooden-movement shelf and mantel clocks (often misspelled as “mantle clocks”) to his line in 1817. His earliest antique mantel clocks can be identified by their pillar-and-scroll cases, usually with scenes painted on the bottom third of the cases below the clocks’ faces. Around 1830, Seth Thomas mantel clocks were frequently framed in carved mahogany.

In 1853, Thomas incorporated his business as the Seth Thomas Clock Company. Though an innovator when it came to production techniques and business, he was rather conservative when it came to the appearance of his clocks. So, after his death in 1859, Thomas’ sons Seth Jr. and Aaron were quick to introduce new clock styles. Today, you can see the company’s late 19th-century creativity in handsome antique wall clocks, regulators, spring-driven clocks, and clocks with calendars.

Lastly is a clock attributed to Mason’s Pottery. Now, I have not been able to locate any information on this piece and I am too afraid to take it apart and dig into it!

This close is pottery and is surrounded by a thick velvet fabric under the brass numbers and hands. I have never seen another one, so I think someone made it…but none the less, it has been restored and works well. I love it none the less!

So…if you don’t have a willow clock it is time!!!!!! Don’t wait the clock is ticking!!!!

Have a good week. Christine


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