Surprise Surprise!

I have to say a month or so ago, one of my posts was full of beautiful blue willow mugs, from all sorts of collectors I see as idols! I had reached out to them to obtain pictures of their prized possessions and they so graciously allowed me to use them here.

My collection has definitely evolved. When I first began collecting, I was the chick in line at Kroger buying food I would never eat to get points towards a Churchill plate or gravy boat. I was that girl who bought every set of willow I could get my hands on. Especially if they sold it at the Dollar General. Our little town had 3 Dollar stores and one time!

Those purchases were back before 2000. As I have gotten to go to some conventions, read my newsletters more than my bible at times, I began to crave the very old English pieces. As you are probably aware if you have read previous posts, I love the detail it took to simply create a simple English plate.

The cup above is no different. It is probably late 1800’s but is in wonderful condition. To the naked eye, a willow collector may just pass it on by as most mugs have an outside pattern. This mug has the butter fly border on the inside rim. The inside border made me gave this a second look.

I love pieces with two temples two willow and butterfly border. I love Staffordshire pottery pieces. Lastly, I have collected for some 24 years and until 2020, I had never scored a frog mug. This my friends is the third best thing that has happened to me in 2020! My first is my daughter announcing I am gonna be a grandma. My vacation was the next best thing in 2020 despite wearing a KN95 until my skin pealed off! But next in line was scoring 3 of these mugs in the past few months.

This mug is unmarked but is hand painted and is simply gorgeous. I love it as much as my others! I wasn’t sure that was even possible.

I told one of my collector friends, I would never be lucky enough to score another frog mug given the first one took me 24 years! He said I have faith in you! Well, now I do too!!!!!

Below is a picture of all of the frog mugs I have been able to purchase. I don’t anticipate landing any more, but the hunt has been fun. Take a look at how different these three are. One is a loving cup with two handles and frog affixed to the side. Another one has advertising on the outside with a frog in the bottom of the mug. This one has the frog on the side as well, but very different than the loving cup.

I have been told these were for ale or cider. I cannot imagine putting anything in these beauties, but I did put water in them just to see. The one with the advertising on the outside has a frog in the base causing bubbles in the water as the level gets low. It is said that some frogs were made to be hollow to almost spit back at the gent drinking from it! Those are probably harder to find, given I am sure no one drunk would have appreciated the effort the frog put forth!

For now, I am off of the Frog mug posting and will move onto something else! Much love willow friends happy hunting.



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