Creating the perfect Christmas Willow Table Setting

Well, Thanksgiving came and went quickly. Now to gear up and decorate for Christmas! Every year for the past several years, my husband and I have taken a trip to New York City. The kids have went with us a time or two but the really aren’t all that fond of the crowds, and hastle, so last year we took some time for us. It was a wonderful few days for us to do a quick get away from my birthday.

Unfortunately with COVID, this will be a year without a trip to New York City. Last year when we went we came across a few large antique malls along the way and my husband purchased these beautiful Black and gold willow plates. These are a new remake of the traditional willow but I was in love when I saw them. Many people found them at TJ Maxx but I was never lucky enough.

But last year our hunt paid off, we finally scored 8 plates. I had purchased 8 salad plates on line. I love the black and gold and immediately thought of either a black and white or red and white plaid table cloth to go underneath these beautiful plates. If anyone has every read through my blog, you know I love to set a table and even love mixing old and new.

Today’s post is about how I layer to get the effect I am looking for! I always start with a base table cloth (sometimes I use a smaller one in the center as well). I then add some colored place mates. I this case I wanted to keep with a solid color since my table cloth has a pattern to it. I then added a beautiful gold placemat over the green to give it some focal point.

I also added a runner in the center that has hints of red, black and greens. It has a black plaid look but is an off white. I then added a plastic underplate before I placed my dish on top of it. I always place a full sized plate and a salad plate in my settings if I have them. I think layering makes a table look sophisticated.

Next I placed a beige and gold plaid napkin long ways on my plate. My husband worked in a restaurant for years and knows how to best fold a napkin, me not so much!!! I then placed my salad plate over my napkin.

You can see it is finally starting to come together. I am one to combine old and new glassware. In this case you will see I added white milk glass Pioneer Woman dessert cups in the center. I love the pattern, but you could truly use any milk glass. I love white hobnail milk glass, especially Fenton. It will probably make it’s way up from the basement to add to my table!

Because I used a green placemat underneath, I felt like my glasses had to also be green. It pulls the placemats together with the center runner and doesn’t look so dark. These are vintage green glasses (typically I find this stuff in my mom’s building or her antique booth!)

Lastly I through in a center piece. It needs some love but will have to do for now. I just did not have the energy for black Friday shopping today! I am not one for crowds, so maybe I will just sit right here and order from Amazon! I am still waiting for them to delivery my llama. I swore I ordered one! I have ordered everything else.

Well, It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!

If you want to see a quick video of the stages of my place setting, feel free to take a look!

Happy Willowing! let me know how you set your table!


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