How to get clear pictures of you favorite willow treasures

I simply love souvenir cups, creamers, and any other willow item marked with “A present for” or “A gift from…” But items like this are sometimes really hard to photograph. For me my light above my small table simply isn’t big enough and I probably need to bite the bullet and replace it, but just haven’t done so.

I typically have to wait until the sun is up, and I have good lighting to be able to take any photographs to upload and share here. I don’t have a fancy camera, I use my Iphone and I don’t have any lighting other than a ring light I try to use to give my area a little more clarity. I have probably spent $25 on having an area to take photos.

I decided this year as a Christmas gift to myself, I was going to look for better ways to photograph my willow collection. I found a cute little photo booth Amazon, I think with shipping it was like $65. So yes, here comes another present to me! The photo booth also came with a camera stand and two lights that will not produce a glare.

The booth folds up in a pouch for easy storage too. My husband will like that part at least! The booth I ordered is a 16 inch box, which most of my willow pieces will fit in. I also have other motives for the purchase as well. I think COVID is out of control here so we may be forced to go back to an online ministry soon and our church does NOT have enough lighting to do a good video set, so these will be multipurpose lights.

You can see the clarity of these pictures. I did take them way early this morning so it was dark outside. But none the less I think they came out fairly good. Now to share what my photo box looks like and what came with it.

For those of you that sell on Ebay or another venue, this might help you get better pictures of your items so I thought I would hop on and share. I am happy with the results and hopefully you can see the results going forward.

Happy willowing everyone!


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