Commemorative Willow Pattern

Who else loves willow pattern with beautiful calligraphy? Oh how precious this piece is. Normally, like a post from last week, these pieces were small and used to give someone as a gift, or to commemorate a special occasion. Now, I have no idea who Anne Pugh is, but she must have been special to someone! What a gorgeous water jug this is at over 12 inches tall, it is the largest piece I have with writing on it.

I have no idea who made this piece, but it is obviously English in Origin and is adorned with the gorgeous butterfly border. I love the gold guilting and details on the handle. The octagon shape is really neat. I don’t have many pieces with this shape. This is not a light weight piece. It is heavy and a very sturdy pitcher. Oh and I would date this to 1849! It is 171 years old!

Now, you all know how I am I had to at least attempt to locate an Anne Pugh with an important date of 1849. My research yielded and Anne Pugh who was deemed a convict at the age of 14. She was transported to Wales for a 7 year sentence! She left England in 1800 aboard the Earl Cornwallis.

While aboard the board, she met a gentleman who would become her husband and later they would have 12 children! EEEK – 12 Children? She passed away Anne Nichols in 1849. Now is this the same lady who is in the story above? Who knows, but to be a 14 year old sent off on a boat for 7 years of your live as a convict, I think I am amazed she survived!

Regardless of whether this is the same Anne Pugh on my jug, it is a neat little tidbit in history and man am I glad we are not where we once were! I also am thankful I managed to purchase this gem for less than $50 with postage from the UK a year or so ago. It is one of my prized possession.

For now, do your best to not get kicked out of the country, wear your mask and stay safe! Oh an think about what important milestone in your life you can commemorate with a special piece of willow. For me, if I am breathing, it is a special day!

Happy Willowing Christine.


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