A Little Blue Plate Coffee Anyone?

I have to say I love Blue Plate brand advertising items. I have several different types of blue plate items such as peanut butter, crab apple jelly, crunchy peanut butter, coffee, salad and cooking oil and lastly mayo! I have seen so many of these items in varying product lines.

I believe I have 3 different coffee tins as shown. I have contemplated opening that white tin just to see how good the coffee was but decided I didn’t want to take a turn for the worst!

The Blue Plate brand is still used today by Reily Foods Company and is based in Louisiana. The mayo is still produced today and has won several awards! check out their site below:

History – Blue Plate Mayonnaise

Yorkshire Relish still utilizes the blue willow plate to help advertise their condiments. I have been lucky enough to obtain both an old bottle and a more current one, yes I contemplated opening it too but it expired 4 years ago!

Here you will see a current can of vegetable soup and a vintage can of Blue Willow coffee from Alberta!

I guess I just love any advertising that uses the blue willow plate. I might add these manufacturers of products are pretty smart given us willowers will purchase just because of the packaging!

I just wanted to hop on and put a post up since I doubt over Christmas I will be doing much posting. Happy Willowing, enjoy your holidays and please stay safe and well.



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