Commemorative Willow – A Time of Celebration!

Above is a stunning piece of willow. I don’t have many of these commemorative pieces, but when I get a chance to buy one, I do my best to make it happen. This bowl commemorates the marriage of Queen Victoria, who was born May 24, 1819 and Prince Albert who was born on August 26, 1819. They were married on February 10th 1840. This piece has no chips or cracks and is unmarked. It is a vibrant blue and has the traditional willow pattern border around the outside edge, which is what drew my eye to it.

I find it fitting to post a new piece of willow that I adore right here on the last day of 2020. I am excited to put this year behind me, but I am also thankful for the many blessings I have had in 2020. I found out I get to be a grandma! We managed so far to avoid COVID despite me working in a hospital and Ben being a pilot! I completed one step study and am 3/4s through another one. Each one helps me grow emotionally and spiritually. I begin a new one this Sunday!

But I want to talk more about something commemorative in my life. Today marks a very important day for my husband and I which is why I selected this bowl to post about. My husband and I have been married coming up on 25 years in March. in November of 2012 I had all I could take. The alcohol, the tension, the hatred….I asked for a divorce. I wanted out. I was miserable, our children were miserable.

After many marriage counselors, I bumped into a friend who recommended he try something different….Celebrate Recovery. He didn’t get sober right off the bat but he did begin to change fairly quickly after attending. He would try to stay sober at home then drink when he was on the road. But….after 17 years of marriage it was the most effort I had seen.

I had no idea if this attempt at sobriety would work. He had tried so many times before. He described getting into a hotel in Myrtle Beach on New Years Eve, telling the other pilot he would catch up to him and the others. He took a trip to pick up a 5th of liquor and a 12 pack. He has all good intention of drinking it all before he drove…yes drove to catch the others at a bar.

As he lifted the can of beer he caught a glimpse of his face….the years of addiction made him sad. He describes it as the ghosts of Christmas past. He realized what all he had lost while being trapped in the chains of addiction. I was done, his kids were done, what did he really have left? That night, he poured out every single bottle. I would like to tell you it was smooth sailing, but as many understand the next day was filled with regret….look at what I wasted. But since that night my husband has not had any alcohol. Today he is 8 years sober! To me, with how this year has went, that is something to celebrate and commemorate. I think I need a willow plate!

I am so very thankful for Celebrate Recovery, my husband’s sobriety but most of all the man and father he has become. Today, choose to celebrate life.

Happy Willowing. Much love and Happy New Year! Stay Safe.



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