Willow Pattern Song Plate – Ambassador England

I love this song plate! It is over 15 inches around! It is definitely a serving platter. Here is the song identified on the plate:

Two Wild Pigeons Flying High, A little Vessel Sailing By, A weeping Willow Hanging over, A bridge with 3 men if not 4, Here the Giant’s Castle stand, Famous known throughout the land, Here’s a tree with apples on, Here’s a fence to end the song.

Here are some close ups of the song:

This is an older plate as you can see from the mark on the back it has crazing and some discoloration. The mark clues me in as to where this item was sold. The border is very pretty as well.

So a little about Henry Morgan. He was originally from Scotland. He was born in 1819 and passed in 1893. He moved from Scotland to Canada where he began selling dry goods, etc. In 1850 he separated from a partnership and began a department store of his own according to Wikipedia!

How much fear would you have had to move from one country to another in the 1800’s, but I am so inspired that his vision made him step out into faith for a future completely unseen with only one friend in Canada. This also shows you the true value of a solid friendship. I really need to work on that in my life! I need to take time for friends.

For now, I am glad it is Friday and I can sing a willow song. Happy Willowing.



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