One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

What does this scraggly old wreath have to do with willow? I know, I know, follow me here! I am sure you are thinking, throw that thing out! But I am here to tell you, there is something inside of me that takes someone’s trash and turns it into treasure. And for that little bit of time that I am engrossed in my project, I am not thinking about the many things I have to get done or the struggles of the day, so believe it or not, this is my “healthy”. This wreath cost me $3.99 at a thrift store.

I immediately saw the value behind it and the little girl at the counter said do you want me to put it behind the counter. The anxiety in me wanted to put my hands on it and place it in my buggy, but I agreed to leave it behind the counter…I of course said, “now don’t sell that while I shop!” Mom and I walked off and began looking for cheap treasures.

I am not the kind of person that takes lots of time to make something! One of two things happen, it is done in 4 hours or I quit. I give up in frustration that it is taking way too much time! I also hate when I try something and my “fix” doesn’t quite work. Failure is a big struggle for me.

My daughter got married months ago so I had a good bit of blue and white flowers around. But I decided to take a trip to the good old dollar store to see what I could find for greenery. Here is what I came home with!

They were $3 a bunch and I took them all apart to have individual pieces to put on the wreath wherever it looked empty. So each $3 bunch gave me 4-5 flowers and 4-5 sets of leaves. I used little wire plate hangers and tiny little plastic ties to adhere them to the wreath.

Now for how it turned out. First and foremost I cannot make bows. Like out of my realm of possibilities so this isn’t finished yet but it is a great start. I took 4 little willow saucers. I think I probably should have used different sizes but I was in a hurry! Not real sure why, but I was in a hurry. 10,000 things to do going through my head.

I only had a little bit of ribbon and I think it need something else, but hey, it isn’t trash anymore!

I have a friend in Charleston that is going to help me make one…she is extremely talented and I have bare walls at the rental so we are going to work on sprucing those up a bit. I also have a beautiful white mantle there that needs something. So I will keep you updated. Not finished but closer than the $3.99 wreath I purchased.

Remember when you see something you think….hey I might use that or that would make a good start for XYZ…if you truly think you will use it pick it up and keep adding to it.

Happy Willowing



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