Pastel Willow for Spring/Easter

Who else loves Pastel? I totally love Tiffany blue as all of you know. But man it is so hard to come up with full sets of pastel willow. I do have 6 place settings of the pink, but I also like to mix and match colors.

I love layering various forms of glassware. In this case, I have added some pink depression glass as well as some milk glass you can see in other pictures. I love the offsetting colors in this multi colored willow plate.

I also love mixing in some contrasting colors like this green platter. It is a heavy restaurant ware platter. There are two of these little gems on my table and I think they look so pretty next to the mulberry cups and saucers.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am so tired of winter weather, so today I am focused on Easter and the spring it brings with it! I just cannot stand to be stuck inside. One last question, does your place setting have to match? Do you layer different patterns? Do you mix and match?

Happy Willowing! Here’s to better weather days ahead.



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