Love is in the Air!

I have been blessed to become friends with people who share my love and passion for blue and white, specifically the willow pattern. As we approach Easter I intend to have a beautiful display of early light blue and white willow items adorn some various areas in my house. Today’s pick is this loving cup! I am simply in awe of this piece.

This is the only loving cup I own that sits beautifully on a pedestal. It is unmarked and has such a beautiful pearlware feel. I am simply in love. As I unpacked it Ben taunted me asking if he could drink his diet coke in it. The daggers that shot from my eyes told him no. I didn’t have to even say the word!

On another note, I was able to add to my growing frog mug collection as well. This loving cup tops my favorite mug collection, but take a gander at this one….finally one with an open mouth that spits back at the gent trying to drink his ale!

I simply love these pieces! Take a look at how the pattern stops on one side and it doesn’t match up with the pattern from the other side. I love the imperfection and this one is actually marked! This is the only piece of Mailing Pottery that I own!

Now for the collection of my favorite mugs:

I simply love how different all four of my frog mugs are and the star of the show is now my loving cup.

Happy Willowing! Keep hunting!



One thought on “Love is in the Air!

  1. Your collection is just stunning, with a gorgeous selection of early 19th century pieces as well as the later Victorian……….such an obviously carefully chosen display, and your house must be delightful to live in!

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