Blue Willow Soothes my Soul!

As we pulled up the driveway late last night I said that little prayer many of you have chanted if you are honest with yourselves: “Dear God, Don’t let my willow be in pieces”! Like seriously, I can’t be the only one.

I have a couple of pieces with the pierced lattice work but didn’t have a bowl per se. This one is gorgeous. It is unmarked but I would suspect it dates to the early to mid 1800’s. The pattern on the interior of the bowl is only a partial willow pattern. Obviously a size constraint for the area the pattern was being laid down on.

It appears to be a traditional willow pattern but honestly I just can’t tell. It is gorgeous and is one of the most intricate designs. As I set here and type, my husband asked what I was blogging about. I said my first chestnut dish. He quickly asked if it was going to be my last. You know the look a mother gives a child when they are being loud in a crowd or they just said something obscene and everyone else was quiet….Yeah he got that look. Daggers included.

Anyhow onto the outside of this dish….it is so gorgeous and different than any others I have. I love the imperfections in the border laid down. I am thankful this piece arrived safely and I do believe it will get to be filled with beautiful shells we collected on our trip.

I have to say, I hate for Ben to see the boxes when the arrive. He always says, what is this…did you need that for sure? I did forewarn him I had a couple of items coming. I am always quick to remind him I can always see it to some willing willower and have done so many times…so he doesn’t give me too much trouble.

Anyhow, for now, happy willowing!



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