Blue Willow: Someone is watching me!

Have you ever walked through an antique mall and see a piece of willow that is they “typical willow” and you you keep right on going. It happens when you get entirely too much, which is where I am currently. If it isn’t a rare piece or something with advertising, I tend to walk right on by. I simply don’t have the room to purchase every piece of blue willow I see and I might add, my husband would disown me if I purchased more.

This piece if situated the right way would have not even gotten a lift off of the shelf, I would have told my husband, yeah I see it…not unusual. Further examination would have revealed two beautiful female faces on each side. Now , some of you probably saw this listed on Ebay a month or so ago as a blue willow sugar dish, but I was drawn to it and I don’t have very many Buffalo Pottery pieces, so I decided to open the listing.

I have to be honest, I have no idea what it is, but no one puts their sugar out on a table without a lid of sorts, so I would equate it to a tooth brush holder or something. It is too big to hold toothpicks. It doesn’t have a rim for a lid either.

I decided not to put this one off and I purchased it. Maybe you can help me determine what it is!!! I am clueless on this one.

I think it is a rather neat piece and is one of my most favorite Buffalo Pottery pieces I have.

I hope all of you slow down, give the pieces a second look and find some treasures. Happy Willowing!



3 thoughts on “Blue Willow: Someone is watching me!

  1. It is a sugar bowl that originally had a lid. We had one that we sold to Buffalo Phil at a convention many years ago. Hope this helps.


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