Just Us Cats (Willow Cats)

So I picked these little cats up online. I was in love with the black willow pattern, so I simply had to have them. They are made by James Kent and are marked. I love the shades of yellow with the black willow pattern. It makes me smile!

I have to tell you a little story about where the title came from for this post! First I love willow pattern animals including cats, but there is a much funnier story behind the title. Several years ago my mom had a cat who had two beautiful little kittens. One was orange and the other was Siamese….yes same litter. Both cats were male but my kids insisted on bringing them home.

If anyone has had two male cats in your home that have not been neutered you know what you have to deal with. They will spray darn near anything! We kept them in a small area of the house when we weren’t home but often they would get into the garage where we stored things.

My house is full of avid hunters, my husband, and my son and during hunting season, my brother in law and my father in law often go hunting together. When we first got moved, there wasn’t much preparation to head to the woods, so they just pulled their hunting stuff out of the bins (completely unsuspecting). They headed up towards the hill when the wind began to blow and all of a sudden, they smelled their clothing…..you guessed it, male cat pee!

At that point it was day light so as they walked up the hill, my brother in law made the wise crack to the unsuspecting deer, “It’s just us cats”. I don’t recall if they actually were successful on their hunt, but they learned to pull their clothing out well in advance and prep! So today is about It’s just us cats!!!

You are probably thinking the same thoughts my husband did. The first thing he asked was “Don’t you have blue willow cats” I responded yes. He informed me they were the same thing. At that point my face needed deliverance…seriously Ben, Black willow and Blue Willow are very different. Needless to say he still doesn’t understand but knows they are not being sold!

To show you, they are different but made by the same manufacturer. I would say the cat mold was different, one being a little taller than the other.

I don’t know if I am the only one who feels this way but I would buy every set I cam across if the cushion was a different color or the collar was a different color. After all, they are DIFFERENT!!!!!!

Happy willowing cat lovers.



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