Blue Willow Place Setting Competition

As the International Willow Collectors Convention is approaching, I need to plan a new place setting entry for the place setting competition. This is usually the only competition I enter but it is so much fun for me. I love dressing up my tables with willow. At any given point when you walk into my dining room you will see a display of willow, typically themed by the upcoming holiday!

I enjoy mixing colors, manufacturers and patterns for a different effect. I am going to share some of my place settings I have used in the past. Any fresh new ideas you may have would be greatly appreciated! I look forward to feedback. Beside I enter to win! You all can help me do that!

This is a fall place setting I did last year showing off some mustard willow by Doulton. I do love these colors together. Another fall place setting below with Doulton and the newer willow multicolored pattern.

I love the vibrant reds and oranges in this place setting. The greens help pull it all together as well.

This beautiful blue and purple place setting was my winner last year. It was a great win, my membership was free this year! $40 is all it costs to be a part of the IWC. The news letters alone far surpass that value….don’t wait to join.

And lastly my spring time place setting. I took this to Hershey PA to my second or third willow convention. I won first place and got a cute little framed blue willow teapot picture with a blue willow ribbon. I was in heaven!

So in closing, what do you want to see from me this year for a place setting. Give me some ideas! I really want to take home the first prize again!

Happy Willowing.


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