Blue Willow Beading

Two of my favorite things are blue willow and antique beading. I am simply in love this this piece. It is mounted to a very heavy cardboard It is beaded with very tiny seed beads. This piece is probably from the late 1800’s. The beads are various shades of blue, white and olive green. It is simply stunning.

I just have to say, this piece probably took quite some time to complete and man the detail needed to do this is amazing. This reminds me of something my aunt would have done, but she was more into quilting. It also reminds me of a time when things were so much simpler. I often wish I lived without a cell phone or social media, but it would never happen!

My dad was born in 1918 and while life was hard, it was definitely simpler. There was more time spent with family and less time being distracted by technology. I could see someone sitting by candle light working on this piece after drawing it out on a piece of burlap. It just makes me think about how someone cherished this piece and kept it nice for so long.

This is a pretty large piece at 19 1/12 inches long and 9 inches wide. I have it tucked in a china cabinet until I can find a nice vintage frame to do it justice!

Happy Willowing.



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