Blue Willow Condiments

Wow, my surprise when I opened this box. I am in love with these beautiful condiment pieces. I am thinking Pepper Shaker, Mustard (hold a spoon) or Oil and Vinegar (there is a dead give away for that one!

I love the silver tops on each of these and love that they are all in good condition. I anticipate soaking the vinegar in peroxide to remove the staining. The bottom is unglazed so I am sure in a few days I can have it looking good as new. I did the same to an older piece and it turned out perfect. I am really pleased. I will have to share the progress.

I do anticipate cleaning up the silver tops. I was just too excited to do so before I shared these pieces with you. I love the deep blues, the silver tops and the gold around the rims. I will have to keep my eye out for a condiment holder!

I thought these were too cute not to share them with you! I am running out of space so these small pieces are the way I am going to have to go going forward! Either that or I need a new house….wait I have one..maybe I will had a cabinet there.

Happy Willowing Christine


One thought on “Blue Willow Condiments

  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE Blue Willow!Everytime I go antiquing , am looking for Blue Willow dishes or anything. Wish I could buy all the BW I see but can’t afford it!!!Its a beautiful dish!!!!


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