Blue willow and Bacon! Yes Please!

Yesterday before I began my commute home for the week there was a “mountain” of packages for me as evidenced by a picture from my daughter who painstakingly brought them in from the porch daily while I work away from home during the week. Some were Christmas gifts for others while some were gifts to myself!

I had purchased 3-4 pieces of willow that take a vast amount of time to arrive when coming from the UK. On package arrived soaked and open, I was not hopeful but to my surprise the double boxing did the trick. Everything was ok and this piece was tucked away on the inside.

I was elated that not only did it arrive and it was safe but it is in near mint condition. I noted no cracks or repairs or chips, just aging. It was listed as Spode but upon inspection I realized it was in fact Grainger (I referenced Connie Roger’s book). I contact my friend Jeff who told me these smaller warming plates were often called bacon warmers. I find that amusing because neither of us know of a reason to allow back to A. get cold or B not be eaten immediately!

I am in love with the details on the handle of this piece as well as the sides. The warming section has a cork with ceramic knob to plug the hole. It appears to be all original and the cork is still intact. Based on the book I believe this piece is from the 1860’s to 1890’s.

I am simply in love with this piece and I have to wonder, who had it that cherished it so much to ensure it never got broken. I am sure it was also loved by them. I also wonder who ever lets bacon get cold. They must be sick or something! I think I will use mine for display and simply eat the bacon as it comes out of the frying pan!

Here is to buying your own willow Christmas presents….a little early!



One thought on “Blue willow and Bacon! Yes Please!

  1. Love your warming dish .We also have a Worcester covered warming dish. You don’t see them very often. Enjoy your rare find.


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