I have been so “Eggcited” for this piece!

I am the kind of Blue Willow Collector that loves to see other people’s items and collections because it teaches me and lets me know there are other more exciting pieces out there to be had! I look at collections of people like Connie, Jeff, Loren and others and I am simply in awe. If you don’t know these names, you really need to join the International Willow Collectors! You are totally missing out.

In any case, I have patiently awaited this delivery and the boxes when they arrived were not only crushed but wet, like soaked it took days for them to dry and days for me to get up the guts to open the boxes, living each moment in fear of a shattered piece. In any case, my second egg holder piece. I added a post about my first one a few weeks back. I managed to get it for less than $25. This one, not so much! But I wanted it.

I have already sold another piece that was in the lot with this item to cover the shipping cost, so not all is lost. If you have read any of my other posts, I have favorite collections inside of my collection. I have a wonderful serving set that is stapled. If you haven’t seen my post on stapled pieces, they are truly amazing. The way someone cherished these pieces amazes me.

This set has some damage but it is repaired with staples, which I adore. The third picture below shows the staple repaired piece. The sides of this egg holder are formed to look like a basket weave with the willow pattern layered on top. The handle is the same. Regardless of it’s imperfections, I simply love it.

This pieces is unmarked and probably dates to the early to mid 1800’s. I am blessed to have it complete, even though it is imperfect!

Happy Willowing friends.



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