What Time is It? – Time for More Willow!!!!!

Royal Doulton Blue Willow Clock

I don’t know about you, but as a collector we have those “willow pieces” we dream about. I have never laid eyes on one of these before, but I have seen these in the Mary Frank Gaston’s Third Edition book on Blue Willow. Pages 48-49. These are the dream pieces for me.

Now having said that I was only able to get the clock, not the frames but I am on the hunt now! The book referenced above notes this clock dates from 1882-1890. This clock would have been part of a mantle set. It has gold spattered work, gold edges and a brass frame and is 8 ” in diameter. The clock was made by British United Clock Company. Below are the book references:

My clock is not without imperfection but if you were made in 1892 you might have a few extra cracks too! This piece is 130 years old. Honestly it is a miracle it survived and an even bigger miracle that it survived shipping when the other clocks in the box were shattered.

I am pretty pleased that I was able to get this adorable clock. I have a full collection of willow clocks I will share here in a bit, but first, I have another item to share with you.

Royal Doulton Clock 1882-1890

Above is the second clock I managed to come by. This piece is simply stunning. There is no gold on this piece, but the raised flower edging is simply gorgeous. This one is larger than the other at 10 inches. The clock is brass in the center, but the framing almost has a rose gold tint to it. It is simply gorgeous.

Below are some additional pictures of this clock. I would anticipate each of these having a value between $500-$600 each but I am definitely not an expert. But….I would pay that to have them in my collection.

My husband says it is time for me to stop buying, but I say it is time for me to make more money so I can buy more!!!!! My timing is always off, and he always has to go pick something up at the post office for me! Now for other clocks in my collection!

I think it is TIME for me to find the rest of the mantle set and make my clock collection complete!

Happy Willowing and Happy Easter – Remember Jesus died for us, but he rose again!



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