A Willow Tea Set – Easy on the Eyes!

I don’t often purchase full tea sets because I have zero room to store or display anything else. I continue to tell myself if I want to purchase anything something must go but I always locate just enough space if I stack it all just right! This set, though caught my eye.

This is a beautiful deep teal blue tea set with hints of red orange and tiffany blue adorned with tons of gold gilding. It is simply gorgeous. The tea set is made by E Hughes & Co. whish was open from 1889-1940. According to British Willow Ware by Connie Rogers, on page 169 it states the company specialized in tea and breakfast sets. I have to say, they were good at it.

This set is in mint condition with no cracks or repairs. To think it has survived all these years and survived the shipping from the UK to West Virginia is in itself a miracle! This set has a teapot, a creamer and sugar and 6 demitasse cups and saucers.

I have to say the tiffany blue coloring on it sold me, but I probably would have bought it anyway! Now, all I have to do is sell a few things to make room for more!

I am considering taking this beautiful set a show and tell item to the Annual Willow Convention to be held in July in Oklahoma City. I hope if you are reading this, you check out the event. It is totally worth it.


The link above takes you right to the details of the willow convention scheduled in July. I plan on selling items int eh flea market, entering the place setting competition and entering a craft item for the competition. I cannot wait for the willow auction and the grand sale.

Come see us! Happy Willowing! Christine


3 thoughts on “A Willow Tea Set – Easy on the Eyes!

  1. This set is incredible! I can tell that the pictures don’t do it justice. Nice find!!

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