Broken Blue Willow China!

Have you reached a point in your collecting where you pass up anything with damage? Well, I have not reached that point. In fact, I have begun to seek out those pieces. The piece pictured above is one of those pieces. This is a beautiful chestnut basket most likely by Spode. It is mid 1800’s and, in my opinion, given it’s age, in great condition.

I tend to love pieces that have staples in them. I don’t know if anyone has seen the way they used to do this, but it truly was an art to not shatter the piece. I will be sharing a video below.

In my honest opinion the item being repaired had to be adored and valued by the owner in order to pay to have someone do the repair. This seems to be a very pain staking process and only the most cherished pieces would be valued.

My chestnut dish is one of 5 or 6 pieces that I have stapled repairs on and I bought it knowing the repairs were present because I could picture a lovely lady holding tight to the pieces of her favorite dish thinking it just was not time to let go and here we are over a hundred years later and it is still a functional piece.

I hope you enjoyed the video, happy willowing!

Remember we are all broken, grant someone some grace today.



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