Tams Ware Willow is one of my Favorites!

This past week I finally found my second piece of Tams Ware in what I would call a Tiffany Blue shade! If any of you follow my blog you know Tiffany is one of my favorite brands and if I could have this color everywhere, I would!

The pieces above are the only two pieces I have in this color. I have several pieces of Tams ware with a cobalt blue background. Ben and I went to our very first IWC convention back in the early 90’s in Richmond Virginia. The convention theme was bed and bath, so of course there were Wash sets, a bidet, and many other items. But front and Center were various pieces of Tams Ware.

I was in awe of what I was seeing. That convention we didn’t buy anything because we were so poor! Infact the only thing we came home with was a 3-piece planter set that was the centerpiece on the main dinner the last evening! Not to worry, it sits in my window seal full of plants and I cherish it. I just recall walking away thinking I had no idea there were so many colors of willow and holy cow, a bidet?!!! Needless to say, this fueled the fire to hunt even harder.

A little history about the manufacturer:

Earthenware manufacturer at Crown Potteryand the Blyth WorksLongtonStoke-on-TrentJohn Tams and William Lowe were two pottery companies who came from a partnership “Tams & Lowe” which split up in 1874. In 1903 John Tams took his son Edmund into partnership and traded as John Tams & Son. The business was incorporated in 1912 – trading as John Tams & Son Ltd.John Tams retired in 1917 and the business continued to be run by Edmund Tams and his two sons Philip & Peter.From the mid 1960’s the business was run by John Tams’ great-grandsons Gerald and Peter Tams.

I wanted to add a mark for reference. Now to show you a few of the pieces I have in the cobalt blue.

While it may have taken me 20+ years to get here I have a fairly complete wash set and dresser set in the blue. Now to find more pieces of the Tiffany shad! If anyone has pieces they want to part with, I am your buyer!!!!!

As always, keep willowing, eventually you will find it!



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