Willow Pattern China on the mend!

Some of my most favorite pieces are Pearlware. I love the light feel, the grayish white background and the soft blue pattern on each of these pieces. At some point I ordered this beautiful set and it was shipped from the UK. It was marked as having damage but to my surprise this is whatContinue reading “Willow Pattern China on the mend!”

Willow Pattern & Tobacco – What do they have in common?

As a child, I used to remember my grandmother rubbing snuff. Yes, I said grandmother, not grandfather, he used to use chewing tobacco, Mail Pouch to be specific. I used to get so grossed out by the spittoon at the end of the couch or next to grandma’s recliner. It was so gross! But herContinue reading “Willow Pattern & Tobacco – What do they have in common?”

Basaltine Willow – So colorful

I have totally fallen in love with the vibrant bright colors on Basaltine Willow. For those of you who don’t know my favorite color is a mix between lime green and olive green! It is not blue! Regardless, when I purchased my first piece of Basaltine willow I was so drawn to it. The firstContinue reading “Basaltine Willow – So colorful”

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW!

As we begin the new year it is important to focus on the fact that every day is a NEW day and we get to try life all over again. I have always wanted to repurpose an old piece of furniture. I have a friend who is cleaning out a building he owns so IContinue reading “Out with the OLD and in with the NEW!”

Commemorative Willow – A Time of Celebration!

Above is a stunning piece of willow. I don’t have many of these commemorative pieces, but when I get a chance to buy one, I do my best to make it happen. This bowl commemorates the marriage of Queen Victoria, who was born May 24, 1819 and Prince Albert who was born on August 26,Continue reading “Commemorative Willow – A Time of Celebration!”

A Little Blue Plate Coffee Anyone?

I have to say I love Blue Plate brand advertising items. I have several different types of blue plate items such as peanut butter, crab apple jelly, crunchy peanut butter, coffee, salad and cooking oil and lastly mayo! I have seen so many of these items in varying product lines. I believe I have 3Continue reading “A Little Blue Plate Coffee Anyone?”

Willow Pattern Tea Time!

This week has yet again been one of trials, many hours of work, transition, and unfortunately more and more COVID. There were a couple of highlights of my week prior to seeing this beautiful willow piece when I got home late last evening. Highlight #1 – on Monday we did a “live” Recovery meeting onContinue reading “Willow Pattern Tea Time!”

Commemorative Willow Pattern

Who else loves willow pattern with beautiful calligraphy? Oh how precious this piece is. Normally, like a post from last week, these pieces were small and used to give someone as a gift, or to commemorate a special occasion. Now, I have no idea who Anne Pugh is, but she must have been special toContinue reading “Commemorative Willow Pattern”

Take a cup o’ Kindness for Days O’ Auld Lang Syne

Good morning everyone and happy Friday! This Friday could not have come soon enough. I am sorry I haven’t been posting much. If you have read previous blogs, you know I work in a hospital and run a recovery program with my husband. This week has been one of the toughest weeks in a longContinue reading “Take a cup o’ Kindness for Days O’ Auld Lang Syne”