How to get clear pictures of you favorite willow treasures

I simply love souvenir cups, creamers, and any other willow item marked with “A present for” or “A gift from…” But items like this are sometimes really hard to photograph. For me my light above my small table simply isn’t big enough and I probably need to bite the bullet and replace it, but justContinue reading “How to get clear pictures of you favorite willow treasures”

Willow Christmas Presents

I am fairly certain at this stage in my life I don’t truly “need” anything. I am happy with my belongings and have more clothes than I could wear in a year, so I need to truly declutter. Honestly, I simply don’t want anything this year…or so I thought. I recently saw a post putContinue reading “Willow Christmas Presents”

Creating the perfect Christmas Willow Table Setting

Well, Thanksgiving came and went quickly. Now to gear up and decorate for Christmas! Every year for the past several years, my husband and I have taken a trip to New York City. The kids have went with us a time or two but the really aren’t all that fond of the crowds, and hastle,Continue reading “Creating the perfect Christmas Willow Table Setting”

Happy Thanksgiving Willow Style

This year has been one to bring many of us to our knees. COVID has struck and impacted our lives in one way or another. Today I will be spending Thanksgiving only with my immediate family. I am used to cooking a feast for 10-12 but this year it will be 4. For the firstContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving Willow Style”

Copeland Spode – Would you like some tea or hot chocolate?

With COVID19 hitting us like a ton of bricks in March of this year, it has made it extremely difficult to spend quality time with friends to do the normal things we would have done. I truly miss times for connection, a good laugh or even a good cry. I have to be honest, IContinue reading “Copeland Spode – Would you like some tea or hot chocolate?”

Willow Pattern Sample

A few years back my mom and I made it to an International Willow Convention in Nashville TN. It was the first time my mom had ever been to a convention and the first time she sat foot in Nashville. She loved both! We toured some of Nashville like American Pickers and downtown, but sheContinue reading “Willow Pattern Sample”

Blue Willow Advertising – Churches, Schools, & Restaurants

As an early collector, I would often sit on the weekends and flip through the pages of my willow collectors books and drool over pieces like these above. I am so happy to have found pieces for not only restaurants, but churches and schools. How clever was it to use such an amazing piece ofContinue reading “Blue Willow Advertising – Churches, Schools, & Restaurants”

Advertising Willow Pattern Discs

To the naked eye, you might think these are just doll house or miniature plates, when in fact they are a very important part of advertising history. Each disc served an important advertising role with one of the most appealing patterns, the willow pattern. I have to admit, for the longest time, I just wantedContinue reading “Advertising Willow Pattern Discs”