Fall Willow Pattern

How Many of You Set a Formal Table Setting?

Like seriously though, how often do we set a table with a nice table cloth, placemats and beautiful china. There is just something that brings me joy every time I see a magazine quality place setting in the nook off from my kitchen. It is as though the table is inviting you in for the best cup of coffee or team and crumpets (whatever those are….I have had scones…all be it at a coffee shop)!

But you get my point. We have come to a point in society where we don’t take time to do much of anything in a formal fashion and oftentimes I find myself eating in my car, blessing my shirt with a ketchup stain or coffee stain!

I think we all need to take a step back and think about what used to matter. Maybe slow down a bit, and set the table and see how it feels to just look at it in amazement. I am sure anyone checking out my page has some formal china.

Some of my favorite pages on Facebook are those about place settings. I truly enjoy looking at the beautiful uses of color, both in china, floral arrangements and the table linens. I am a sucker for nice table linens. The set pictured on this page is made by Royal Doulton and is said to have a mustard glaze. It is my favorite place setting for Fall.

Most of the pieces I have had to purchase online or at IWC (International Willow Collectors) conventions. I always cringe when the mail man shows up with a package from the UK or some other country. I typically pray daily for its safe arrival and have had many pieces arrive in just that….pieces.

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