Tams Ware Willow is one of my Favorites!

This past week I finally found my second piece of Tams Ware in what I would call a Tiffany Blue shade! If any of you follow my blog you know Tiffany is one of my favorite brands and if I could have this color everywhere, I would! The pieces above are the only two piecesContinue reading “Tams Ware Willow is one of my Favorites!”

Willow Pattern Baby Bottle & Invalid Feeder

Well, today is my son’s 20th birthday and tomorrow is my husbands 45th! I can’t help to think back to when my son was born. Our daughter was almost 4. She was so excited to see her little brother. We had to buy her a big sister shirt at the gift shop in the hospital.Continue reading “Willow Pattern Baby Bottle & Invalid Feeder”

Delicate and Dainty Blue Willow

There are many of my favorite things pictured above! I have been a little lagging in posting because I finally took a vacation. I will admit, it was a little odd, with masking, more hand sanitizer than my skin can handle and no plans! Yes, I took a vacation with no plans, in fact, weContinue reading “Delicate and Dainty Blue Willow”