A Collection of Willow Printing Plates

Happy Friday! The beautiful orange of the copper printing plates reminds me it is Halloween weekend. It is a time in my life where the kids are well…..no longer kids and so the pumpkins will most likely not get carved and we live too far out for trick or treaters so I will just focus on my willow blog to push through the holiday!

Pictured above is my collection of willow pattern printing plate. I have to say, I have had many pass through my hands into Jeff Siptak’s collection, but I can’t bare to part with these! Now I am sure he will taunt me with some form of convincing trade, but I remain focused.

I love that these are all different and the back side of each printing plate too is it’s own and oftentimes, tells the story of the pottery company, as so many companies made willow pattern. To be fair, so many still do! Thank you to those companies!

First up is this double printing plate. One side has Penang pattern on it while the opposite side is willow! When I purchased this, I anticipated selling it because it wasn’t willow. When I turned it over, I was so happy to see willow. Now I am not selling any of them!

The pattern is stunning as well! The pattern reminds me of willow so I enjoy looking at it as well.

I love the next printing plate as well. It is gorgeous on both sides as well!

The platter has a plate pattern on the back. I have not been able to trace or determine the manufacturer.

This printing plate was the one in my previous blog with the Windsor pattern on the back side.

Lastly is this beauty framed up! I honestly wonder if the artist prized this plate so much he or she made it a display piece.

I need to take some more time to research each of these pieces, but for now, I simply wanted to share them with you. I hope some day to add a few more, or at least determine the manufacturer and purchase a willow plate/platter to display with them.

Happy Halloween! Happy Willowing!



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