Willow Toby Post # 3

The more “traditional” toby jug found these days!

The seated toby jug in various paint finishes

The first toby jug I ever received in the mail was the typical toby you can find almost every week on Ebay. The black rim around the top and bottom and the willow pattern jacket. Luckily my find was coming from inside the US so I was a little less stressed about it making it in one piece, but none the less I tracked it’s location for days and almost hourly until it’s safe arrive.

I am fairly certain after carefully unwrapping it, I sat and just held it as if it were a child in the recliner. Gazed at how beautiful the willow pattern was on his jacket. Maybe someday I will have a willow jacket. It wasn’t long before he was placed carefully in the center of my one china cabinet. Yes it was probably 2001 and I had one main willow china cabinet. How on earth did my collection get this big….addiction (laughed out loud, because I run a recovery program!) Anyhow, enough of stepping out of denial.

I realized I had to have more of this little guy, for there were differences in each one I purchased. The vest and britches come in various colors and some times the base and hat are painted blue or black or a mix of the two. I also noticed that some have painted faces while others are simply an unpainted sheen of white.

My traditional toby jugs

It may be hard for you to see the differences in these 4 toby jugs, but they are all different, whether it is the painting of the hat, vest, or britches and you can note, all of them have an unpainted face. To show the differences, even in how the pattern is lined up on each piece, I will show you side and back views of each of them.

Note, I don’t see birds on any of these jackets!!!!! Interesting. Now, on to the ones with no border around the bottom and the more vibrant of them from a paint and color perspective.

I wanted to show you a close up of these marks. They say “Staffordshire Ware England” with a knot, but off to the side they have a pattern number of 368! In an earlier post I showed you a book someone sent me and guess what the pattern number was?…..368. This tells me these were made by Kent in Staffordshire England. How awesome is that?

Now onto the last of my traditional shaped toby jugs, the one with a solid color jacket and a willow border around the bottom. I find these much harder to find.

I would have to guess he too was made by Kent in Staffordshire but is unmarked, so may have been made later in the mid 1900’s. I simply do not know, but that is my guess. I haven’t seen many of these gems, so I have managed to hold on to this guy.

Now, lets talk about what a toby jug collection looks like. I have several (I haven’t counted, because then I really have to step out of denial). I have sold all of my duplicates to my friend Mason. I could not do a toby just post without referencing his army of toby jugs. I am thankful he is a tad more addicted than I am. If he continues to buy them, the market will slim down and we will finally see the price of these little guys go back up…Full steam ahead buy them while you can, we are counting on you!

See, I told you! When the hubby asks why I keep buying more, I just say, well when a tuition payment comes due, I just call Mason. I have a plan!!!!

Here is to seeking out your next toby jug purchase and to enjoying the little guys as much as I do. Mine have their own cabinet too, I just don’t have this many!!!!!

Happy hunting willowers!


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