Copeland Spode – Would you like some tea or hot chocolate?

With COVID19 hitting us like a ton of bricks in March of this year, it has made it extremely difficult to spend quality time with friends to do the normal things we would have done. I truly miss times for connection, a good laugh or even a good cry. I have to be honest, I regret not doing those things more often.

I have a couple of friends here in West Virginia that collect blue and pink willow pattern items and they have only been over a couple of times in the past year, but when they were able to visit prior to COVID19, it was so worth it. We shared about the types of willow we loved the most, I sold them a few of my duplicates and linens for their displays. We drank coffee and enjoyed some muffins.

I do need to admit though, I don’t often get to spend time with friends. I find myself working too much, working with ministry and struggling to keep up at home. This is one of goals post COVID! I need to do more of this. I simply loved it.

Anyhow, back to the set pictured above. I simply love this set and was enamored by it’s delicate beauty when I laid eyes on it. Even though it was an online auction, I could tell I wanted to add it to my collection. I will also let you in on a secret. I don’t like tea! Hot chocolate yes, coffee yes, tea not so much. Maybe if I tried some different flavors, but its a no go for me. so this set is a hot chocolate set for me!

You can see the raised and painted features on this piece. I simply adore the gold gilding on it. Copeland Spode was started in the late 1700’s by Josiah Spode I. The initial factory was called Spode Works and was located in Staffordshire. Spode became so successful they located a warehouse in London that was managed by William Copeland. In 1796 Spode made Copeland a partner after some major sales. The company became named Spode, Son & Copeland. The transitions continued on for many years. This set is stamped Copeland.

I don’t know much about it other than it probably dates to the late 1800’s and is very delicate bone china. As some of you have seen, I have cats so this set resides on my dresser in my bedroom. Yes I know that is weird but the cats don’t get up there risking damage!

I have been fairly under the weather so it took me a while to get this post up for you all. Luckily no COVID but I do look like Rudolph, sporting a red nose! I keep hoping the meds the doctor gave me will kick in! Below you will see what it looks like in my kitchen when I set down to blog. I have to take time to set the table, fire up the laptop. Pull out my willow reference guides and begin my research.

I love digging into where a piece may have come from as much as how much it is valued at.

But for now, I challenge you to stay safe and healthy during these trying times but when we are past this mess, take time to grab a friend and have a cup of tea and just chat. We all need connection. Isolation can be devastating. If you can’t make it out…..put together a zoom call. I will be scheduling one with my willow friends soon!


Published by csturtevant1975

I have been collecting Blue Willow since 1996. I am an avid collector who loves to decorate with blue willow. My favorite part is to set my tables with blue willow place settings.

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