Blue Willow Compacts

Am I the only one that is a hopeless romantic? I think I was truly born in the wrong era! I would have very much enjoyed the 30’s and 40’s. I look at the pictures of my mom and my grandmother and I fall in love with the printed dresses (although largely feed sack material) with all of the pleats and flair.

These beautiful compacts remind me of days when women looked sophisticated and proper. Each picture of my grandmother shows a women with class and she always held her head high. I could see her holding a compact like this adjusting her curls or lipstick. Keep in mind my family was fairly poor, but none the less, we don’t have to look like a mess!

Gwenda Compacts were as noted by the mark British made. The compacts gained in popularity after a company called Whiting & Davis began manufacturing elegant purses with compartments for make up. The Gwenda name was held by a company called Hussey Dawson Ltd. They purchased a building in Birmingham in 1929. Take a look at the advertisement I found online below:

I simply love both of my willow compacts. They are both different, one with a brass backing and the other adorned with Chrome and a green plastic backing.

Each of my compacts is a little different. Now I must be pretty honest here, I am more inclined to take a look into this compact than my mirror where I get ready in the morning, and I am not being sarcastic. I tend to not always like what I see. I see “not good enough”, “unworthy” an sometimes just unhappy with how I look in general. These compacts are much smaller, making it easier to handle!

In a world where everything is expected to be perfect and immediate, we all fall short and always will. I have to continue to remain focused on my value doesn’t come from the size of my jeans or what my rank is at work. It comes from inside, the person I am striving to be. The person my heavenly father created me to be!

Today, it is ok to be me.

Happy willowing Christine.


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