Go big or go home in Blue Willow!

Davenport Huge Jug

I have to say I anticipated receiving a 7-8 inch jug when my box arrived I was a tad confused. The box was much bigger. I will measure this but I would say it’s a solid 16 inches tall and a solid 10 inches across at the widest point. it’s the equivalent of a jug used for a wash basin

I said it next to a normal willow tea cup for size. It’s hard to picture! It’s is wonderful condition with an impressed mark attributed to Davenport.

This is such a wonderful addition to my collection. I intend to make it the center of a place setting really soon. I love the butterfly border and the details around the rim and handle.

One last picture to try and show its size.

Well for now happy willowing! Don’t forget to go big!


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