Blue willow and shells (my favorite things)

Ok, yes I know this picture doesn’t clearly show you my willow piece but it is in there. My husband and I just returned from one of our first true vacations. I guess I never really understood what a vacation was all about. I am one of those people that pack every day with many potential options for fun. Some days include antiquing in hopes of finding my next willow treasure.

This year was different. There were no opportunities for antiquing. Ben and I decided to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in St. Lucia at a Sandals resort. Crazy thing was….while there was a beach, there were zero typical sea shells. The sand was more like tiny rocks and most of what washed up on the beach was coral like pictured above, but I refused to do anything other than relax for a change. We had zero plans!

Regardless, we managed to find a few sea urchins and many pieces of coral to return home with us. All pictured above with my new willow item that arrived while I was gone! Now, can I tell you, bringing home sea shells is probably like bringing home a precious piece of willow. Both propositions fill the pit of my stomach with anxiety and fear of breakage!

On the way home, the larger shell purchased from a vendor at the resort and the pieces of coral scraped off the shore each morning went in a checked bag, carefully wrapped. But the sea urchins I knew would not survive. So I looked through everything I had to find a box off some sort. Now ladies, let me tell you, I am not a princess kind of girl. I just don’t dress up unless I have to and my attire normally requires jeans.

If you have ever been to a Sandals resort (my first time) you must wear dressy clothing to dinner, which forced me to do some shopping. None the less, every dressy little dress required some form of strapless bra… I purchase one online from Target that came shipped in a box. Are you seeing where I am heading with this?

Lets just say I got searched coming through security with three sea urchins in a strapless bra box in my carry on not once but twice and at one point you should have seen me explaining to the customs officer (female) what I had in that box and after she crushed one, she decided to let me pass with the other two….meanwhile I wanted to punch her but it wouldn’t have went well. She did pat me down to ensure I had a bra on…geesh.

Now on to the willow part of this story. My toxic trait is not telling a short story. Anyhow….. while I was gone this beauty arrived and can I tell you, whomever packed it gave me heart failure. They packed the bowl inside the wood surround with no bubble wrap between. It sounded broken as I opened it and pictures of the border patrol agent crushing my sea urchin turned my stomach as I tore away the bubble wrap.

The willow pattern bowl is completely unmarked but it is gorgeous. Normally you would not see the center pattern around the border, but that is exactly what we have here. The wooden surround is gorgeous and has some brass embellishments. I would say it is about 7 inches across, but I have not measured it to be exact. I haven’t ever seen something like this, but I do love it. Much like I love the sea urchins that did make it home in one piece.

Now….I must add on vacation almost every outfit I had was blue and white… seriously. It is a true addiction. Ben and I did not coordinate clothes and he too ended up with several shades of blue and white…as evidenced by one of our 25th wedding anniversary pictures below.

I guess you could say while I didn’t get to shop for willow on my trip, I did truly enjoy just relaxing for a change. I didn’t even do any online shopping! I simply unplugged and came home with some beautiful pieces of coral, a conk shell and a delivery from my Ebay purchase!

In closing, blue and white is gorgeous even if not in willow pattern and a bra box always comes in handy…Happy Willowing!



Published by csturtevant1975

I have been collecting Blue Willow since 1996. I am an avid collector who loves to decorate with blue willow. My favorite part is to set my tables with blue willow place settings.

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