Blue Willow Dreams!

I must admit there are times in my collecting where I am amazed that I managed to find a certain piece that may complete a set or it is something I passed up buying and well…..I was mad at myself for walking away. I am probably the only one that has a non-buyer remorse!

When it came to these guys, I purchased three of them together and then a lovely friend brought them to an IWC convention. These are prestonpans and are some of my favorite toby pieces. I truly think each of them take on a personality all of their own. I loved the yellow jackets and I knew when I bought them I was going to search for a long time to find the remainder of the set…the open salt.

In November I caught the lovely Covid and was shut in for 10 days. During that 10 days I did a great deal of Christmas shopping for the family but I also came across a lot of toby prestonpans of all patterns so I decided to bid on a whim. Well as of today they were finally delivered. Unfortunately, Covid hit the auction house and so I patiently waited. After all I knew how bad I felt, so I understood.

I now have a full set with the red/orange jackets, blue jackets and now yellow. I honestly could have washed this open salt but I kind of dig his pigpen look. A little dirt never hurt anyone. Look how cute these guys are!

I guess it makes my heart smile when I complete a set and find all of the pieces. I truly love these little men and I now have a full set of 12! I’ll post the others later.

For now, happy willowing!



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